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My name is Shona Cole. I am wife to Mark, an attorney, seminary president and pastor to our small church (small - we meet in a school building!). I am a homeschooling mother to our 5 kids ages 10 - 1. We live in Texas, but spend our summers in Ireland where I lived until I got married. 

While you are here you will learn that I love mixed media art, photography and poetry. I am on an artistic journey, filling my life with as much art and creativity as possible. I do something creative every day and include arts and crafts with my kids as a part of our daily life. 
I wrote a book - 'The Artistic Mother - A Guide for Fitting Creativity into Your Life' which was published by North Light books in 2010 and is available from all major bookstores. I wrote it for moms, especially young moms, who want to do more art. I believe that we should try everything we can to make some time to develop our God given artistic and creative talents! 

At the moment I am editing my first novel - Gala, a love story loosely based on the Book of Ruth set in a post apocalyptic America. 

Welcome to my little online artistic space. I am glad you are here.
You can contact me at Shonacole [at] aol [dot] com or theartisticmother [at] gmail [dot] com


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